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My learning from the Mobile World Congress 23 in Barcelona:

"If companies want to get more leads for their stunning products from this world’s largest fair or any other business meeting, they need a pure metal ContactMeCard instead of a 200y old paper card. At least 90% of the companies, who invent stunning ideas, can do better sales of their products with our cards. Not because our cards are cooler, which they are, but just because our cards allow to talk about the business, show the relevant spot on the homepage and will impress in a conversation. With a ContactMeCard your company and your team will be remembered." Mario von Kelterborn, CEO

ONE Card - Pure Metall at One-time Cost - No Subscription - No App

You'll never run out of cards again or stressed out because you forgot them - your profile QR Code is always available in your phone.

Our Cards are a game changer. In every single customer meeting. If you get inspired by our Digital Business Cards and you want to order your own Edition, we @ContactMeCard are happy to assist you. Please keep in mind that you only need ONE card per team member. We love to support you. Contact us! +49 175 5480088 or mario@contactmecard.com

ContactMeCards are the new Must Have.

  • They will help to get more leads!
  • They save money!
  • They reduce the carbon footprint!
  • They add innovation and awareness to your company.
  • They bring networking quality to a new level.

We are a German company based in Frankfurt am Main. Our cards and the technology are made and developed in Germany, hosted on German servers. Based on 30 years of business experience.

Especially for business applications our cards offer exceptional functions like multiple profiles, which can be used to show your profile in different languages, as an example.

All cards offer the option to add multiple web links as buttons. With this option we help your business partners to get quick access to what is important to learn about your company.

ContactMeCards are the only business cards which are fully transferrable.