BAM! Edition
BAM! Edition
BAM! Edition


BAM! Edition

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This is the BAM! Edition of ContactMeCard.

It is a contactless metal digital business card with QR code and NFC chip.

ContactMeCards are invented, made and hosted in Germany.


Product Description

Contact Me Card Features

It’s your card! You can decide which information you want to share. For your flexibility, all Contact Me Cards offer multiple contact profiles, such as private and business, to be edited and selected in seconds.All information can be edited in the private “Login Area” which gives an overview of your A) Contact Me Card(s) and B) My Profile(s).The Login Area has two sections: 

My Card Section

Show/Hide QR Code to show QR code on phoneProfile SelectionPreview CardReset Card (in case of loss)

 My Profile(s) Section

Each profile can show different contact details including profile photo, social media accounts and weblinks.Active profile(s) to be seen with “In Use” indicator. To each profile the following information can be added:
Profile PictureArea Business InformationArea Contact InformationArea Weblinks (shown as Links on the card)Area Social Media LinksArea AddressShare VCard Button: within each profile you have the button to share your contact as a VCard

 Standard dimension as of a credit card: 85x54x0,8mm

Material is premium metal (Edelstahl)

Weight of 26g