As a passionate biker, functionality and style are paramount when it comes to acquiring new equipment. A motorcycle dealer has now found a revolutionary way to provide their customers with a unique and practical gift that combines these qualities. By including a ContactMeCoin with the purchase of a motorcycle, they are setting new standards in customer experience. This stylish accessory is not only an eye-catcher but also extremely useful when it comes to locating lost keys.

High-quality metal coins from Lithuania

Manufactured in collaboration with the state-owned Lithuanian Mint, the ContactMeCoins boast exceptional craftsmanship and experience in coin production, ensuring the highest quality and extreme durability. Crafted from a copper-nickel alloy also used for the outer ring of 2-euro coins, they are nearly indestructible and incredibly space-efficient due to their dimensions.

Personalized Gift with Added Value

Through ContactMeCoins, customers now receive a digital business card in the form of a keychain, showcasing impressive attributes. Each coin is branded with the dealer's logo and includes the buyer's contact information. This allows customers to label their keys and easily recover them in case of loss. ContactMeCoins not only serve as a stylish accessory that perfectly complements customers' styles but also provide tangible added value.

Practical Everyday Benefit

In the event of key loss, ContactMeCoins significantly simplify the search! Those who find the coin can quickly and effortlessly contact the owner thanks to the provided contact details. This streamlines the return of the key and minimizes the stress typically associated with a loss.

The fusion of branding, innovative design, and meaningful features makes ContactMeCoins an essential accessory for motorcyclists. Customers receive not only a complimentary extra gift but also a gadget that offers significant relief in emergencies. ContactMeCoins exemplify how the innovative use of our products can elevate the customer experience to a new level.