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How do I activate my card?

  1. Please scan the QR code on the ContactMeCard
  2. Press the register button
  3. Enter email address and password – please use an email address that can be used to receive emails
  4. Confirm activation mail
  5. Login, create profile with contact details, social media accounts and websites
  6. Assign profile to card and save
  7. Now the ContactMeCard is activated

OR first watch the activation and function film under the link to Youtube:
On computer screen:
On mobile phone:

What do I do if I don't receive an activation email?

  1. Please check spam folder first
  2. Use alternative mail address
  3. If nothing works, please send an email to

How do I enter my contact details, social media accounts and web links?

  1. Please log in via the website:
  2. Enter the data in the respective areas
  3. Click to open and close sections
  4. Press Save Profile

How do I add my social media accounts?

  1. Please log in via the website:
  2. Open the profile you want to edit
  3. Click on the blue tab for social media links
  4. Click the appropriate icon, add a link and press the green button to save

Can I create multiple contact profiles and how?

Yes. ContactMeCards allow up to 20 profiles. For example, for several languages, business, private, voluntary work, Instagram

  1. Log in
  2. Name and save profile
  3. Then add profile photo and profile details

How do I switch between profiles?

  1. Log in
  2. Press on card
  3. Select profile from scroll down menu and save

NFC chip and QR code

What does NFC mean?

What does NFC mean? NFC stands for "Near Field Communication". NFC describes a radio technology with which NFC-enabled devices exchange data over a very short distance without contact. This technology is used by everyone who makes contactless payments with a credit card, check card or mobile phone.

How do I read the QR code?

Please use the smartphone camera.Press the button displayed to open the profile webpage.

How do I read the NFC chip?

The website NFC tag, which is installed behind the QR code, works contactless.

Note on ContactMeCards made of stainless steel: The material partially shields the NFC signal. Therefore, unlike classic plastic bank cards, the ContactMeCard must be held in exactly the right place on the smartphone of the person you are talking to.


On iPhones, the NFC reader is located at the top edge on the back of the device. See also here:

The card must be held directly against the iPhone as shown, as the NFC chip is installed under the QR code and can only be read very close to the device. The card may need to be moved back and forth a bit. Starting with the iPhone 8, the reading function for NFC is automatically activated.


On Android phones, the NFC reader is located slightly above the center on the back of the device. The NFC chip must be stopped there. From time to time the reading function has to be activated.

My smartphone cannot read the NFC chip. Why?

The NFC Reader will not work if:

  • The smartphone is in flight mode and Wifi is off - an internet connection is required.
  • The flashlight is used.
  • The camera is in operation.
  • The smartphone is off.
  • The lock screen is dark.
  • The reader is not activated – on older models.

Which iPhones have an NFC chip reader?

The first Apple cell phone with NFC support is the iPhone 6. As far as we know, iPhones from model Xs onwards read NFC chips automatically – but only when they are activated, i.e. as soon as at least the lock screen is displayed.With the iPhone 6 and 7, the NFC reader may need to be activated. Please press the NFC logo in the control center.Apple iphone 14Apple iPhone 13 miniApple iphone 13Apple iPhone 13 ProApple iPhone 13 Pro MaxApple iPhone 12 Pro MaxApple iPhone 12 ProApple iphone 12Apple iPhone 12 miniApple iPhone 11 ProApple iPhone 11 Pro MaxApple iphone 11Apple iPhone SEApple iPhone XeApple iPhone XR 2Apple iPhone XRApple iPhone XsApple iPhone Xs MaxApple iphone 8Apple iPhone 8PlusApple iPhone XApple iPhone 7PlusApple iPhone 6PlusApple iPhone 6sApple iPhone 6sPlusApple iPhone 7Apple iPhone 6

Which smartphones have an NFC chip reader?

Since the range of current smartphones is very large, we cannot reliably answer this question. In this respect, we ask you to check the settings or the operating instructions to see whether your smartphone has an NFC reader. This is almost certainly the case with newer devices. However, the function may need to be activated.But - if your smartphone does not have an NFC chip reader, the contact details can be read via the QR code. And it also depends on the smartphone of the person you are talking to. They should scan or read the card.

Using your ContactMeCard

Do I need an app?


How can I share my contact details?

  1. After scanning the QR code with the cell phone camera or reading the NFC chip, a contact profile is displayed -> see QR code and NFC chip area.
  2. Email address, telephone number, social media buttons and web links can be clicked on immediately.
  3. Before downloading to the Contacts app, a note can be added to the contact, which is also saved.
  4. The contact profile can be loaded and saved in the Contacts app.
  5. Read and acknowledge the instructions.
  6. The Contacts app opens.
  7. Scroll all the way down and select an option: Either "Create new contact" (for a new contact) or Add to contact" (for additional information about an existing contact)
  8. Press "Done" at the top right!

I forgot my ContactMeCard. How do I share my profile?

Each stainless steel ContactMeCard includes a digital business card that is available on the smartphone even if you don't have the physical card with you. Simply press the card in the login area and then press "Show QR Code". Some of our customers take a screenshot of this view and use the photo for the home screen.

I lost my ContactMeCard. What should I do?

Press on the respective card in the login area. Then press the "Reset" button and confirm. This resets the card which no longer shows contact details.The contact profile is preserved and can be transferred to a new card in seconds. Any reset ContactMeCard can be reactivated at any time.


Will my data be stored and if so, where?

In order to enable third parties to scan or read the ContactMeCard, the contact data must be stored in encrypted form in a database. The servers for this are located in Hessia / Germany.

Where do ContactMeCards come from?

ContactMeCards were developed in Germany and are produced in Germany with the exception of the NFC chip.

How do I get information about new products and editions?

Always first on our website

How is the ContactMeCard sent?

The ContactMeCard is sent by registered post or parcel.

What is Made for a Reason?

ContactMeCard is a product of Made for a Reason GmbH based in Frankfurt am Main/Germany.