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Do you want to communicate effectively with customers and present your business in an innovative way? Managing Director Mario will assist you with that!


We are happy to assist in publishing your own edition or designing personalized cards, ensuring that your next initial impression with your conversation partners will be the best possible. Please note that you only need a single card per team member, and our cards are transferable in the event of personnel changes – making us the sole provider worldwide offering this feature.

Your ContactMeCard for the perfect first impression

Editions for Corporates and Institutions

We would be happy to help you issuing your own edition or design personalised cards so that your next first impression on the people you talk to will be the best possible one. Please note that you only need a single card per team member and our cards are transferable in the event of a change in the team - and we are the only provider in the world to do so.


Innovative and sustainable

The evolution in networking

If companies aim to achieve the best possible outcomes for their incredible product innovations from participating in such trade fairs,
it is no longer feasible with a 200-year-old paper card quickly exchanged upon departure. For successful networking in 2023, a
ContactMeCard is essential. Not just because it's cooler and more exciting, but because this card makes everything remarkable about the company directly visible via a link, sub-websites can be accessed without searching and perfectly supports the professional impression with an innovative and sustainable gadget. Of course, such a digital business card is always up to date and always with you, even on your smartphone. In addition, our cards offer the option of multiple profiles, e.g. multiple languages, different product focuses, but also for a private profile or volunteer work. Your conversation partner will be remembered fondly.

Mario von Kelterborn (CEO) after participating in the Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona with the Hessian Pavilion.