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Digital Business Card - Fashion is my Passion Edition

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How does a ContactMeCard works?

"My Card(s)"

  • Show/Hide QR Code
  • Select Profile
  • Preview Card
  • Rest Card (in case of loss or if you want to transfer your card to somebody else)

My Profile(s) Section

  • Each profile can show different contact details including name, profile photo, logo, address, email and telephone, social media accounts and weblinks.
  • Active profile(s) to be seen with “In Use” indicator. 
  • Share VCard Button: within each profile you have the button to share your contact as a VCard
  • Preview button

Standard dimension as of a credit card: 85x54x0,8mm

Material is premium metal (Edelstahl)

Weight of 25-28g

NFC and QR code technology

On iPhones (8 or newer) NFC function is always ON.

On newer Android NFC function is usually OFF and need to be activated in the control area by pulling down the start screen.

The best way to read the NFC chip is to "wake up" the smartphone from idle mode by touching the screen one.
Unlike classic plastic bank cards, the NFC chip on the ContactMeCard made of stainless steel is somewhat shielded by the material. Accordingly, we ask that you hold the card up to the smartphone of the person you are talking to as shown below.

NFC Nutzung


The card must be held directly against the iPhone as shown above on the upper edge of the phone. This is where the NFC reader is build in. The NFC chip sits under the QR code. The card may need to be moved back and forth a bit. 


On Android phones, the NFC reader is located slightly above the center on the back of the device. The NFC chip must be stopped there.

Enjoy networking with ContactMeCard!



Willkommen zur Networking- Revolution!

ContactMeCard ist Ihre digitale Visitenkarte aus Edelstahl. Zeigen Sie sich von Ihrer glanzvollsten Seite und beeindrucken Sie Ihre Geschäftspartner, Kunden und Kontakte mit unserem revolutionären Networking-Tool!

Die ContactMeCard ist nicht nur eine Visitenkarte – sie ist Ihr Tor zu grenzenlosen Möglichkeiten: Entfalten Sie Ihre Kreativität und lassen Sie Ihrer Fantasie mit unserer Imagine Edition freien Lauf. Das dynamische Wellendesign in Edelstahloptik strahlt zeitlose Eleganz aus und lädt zum Kennenlernen und Austausch ein.

Vorbei sind die Zeiten von Networking-Events ohne Nachhaltigkeit und Beständigkeit. Mit Ihrer ContactMeCard hinterlassen Sie einen bleibenden Eindruck bei Ihren Geschäftspartnern.